Models (Data Access Layer) #

Model is database presentation of tables (SQL) or collections (NoSQL) data.

ifnode model is middleware between native npm module for database (mongoose, knex, etc) and real using. ifnode make all dirty work for initialize and populate all application data presentations.

Example #

Create mongodb model using ifnode-mongoose - middleware between mongoose module and ifnode:

Creating config file with database options:

// config/local.js    
module.exports = {
    db: {
        mongo: {
            schema: 'mongoose',
            config: {
                database: 'library',
                host: 'localhost'

Creating books model:

// models/books.js    
var app = require('ifnode')(),
    books = app.Model({
        collection: 'books'

Application file:

// app.js    
var ifnode = require('ifnode'),
    app = ifnode({
        env: 'local'

// load all models and initialize them
app.models.books.findOne(); // return instance of mongoose.Model
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