Description #

File with constant names of plugins. It contains three types: schema, component and controller.

Definition #

JSDoc syntax #

 * @constant {Object} PLUGIN_TYPES
    SCHEMA: 'schema',
    COMPONENT: 'component',
    CONTROLLER: 'controller'

TypeScript syntax #

interface PLUGIN_TYPES {
    SCHEMA: 'schema',
    COMPONENT: 'component',
    CONTROLLER: 'controller'

Constant properties #

Name Value Description
SCHEMA "schema" Plugin type of models schemas. More about schema plugin you can find here
COMPONENT "component" Plugin type for external components. More about component plugin you can find here
CONTROLLER "controller" Plugin type for controllers extending possibilities. More about controller plugin and describing you can find here

Examples #

const PLUGIN_TYPES = require('ifnode/core/PLUGIN_TYPES');

module.exports[PLUGIN_TYPES.SCHEMA] = function MyOwnSchema(app, MyOwnSchema) {
    // do smt
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